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Just my take!

Articles (Written by Aydenne)


As a woman in jazz, I have wondered so many times, why we just don’t seem to talk about and celebrate the contributions of women in jazz in the same way we celebrate the men. The women who have contributed so much to the music and musicians we admire simply seem to not feature in our day-to-day discussions about our favourite genre of music.  In this article, I talk about Lil Hardin, the woman behind the wonderful Louis Armstrong....READ MORE

Photo by : Tatiana Gorilovsky

Big Mama is in the house Aydenne Simone

Thrilled to have two articles in the new Women in Jazz Media magazine by Big Mama. Firstly, exploring the mighty Alice Coltrane with Alina Bzhezhinska Lazorkina and then a beautiful celebration of Tina May.

Thank you for all you do Big Mama! x


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