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BLUE SKIES - Album from Aydenne Simone & Liam Stevens Trio.


The story so far......


Aydenne & Liam met at The Piano Bar Street Jazz Festival June 2016, six days later they performed their first gig together and it was sheer magic.  The rest is history.


The chemistry between them is incredible to watch.  Every performance they do together they have the audience in the palm of their hand, hanging on every note!


An album just had to be made.  Aydenne and Liam wanted their album to sound just like a gig!  Swinging like the clappers and right from the heart! WE DID IT!!!  It is one of those albums you will play again and again, the songs are known and loved, and the quality of playing is stunning.




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"Hi, it arrived today, been listening to it this evening - Love 'Summertime' Wow!! " - Sound Fusion Radio

Blue Skies
Saturday Night (is the Loneliest Night of the Week)
One for my Baby
Hymn to Freedom
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