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The Liam Stevens Trio

Tom Dring (D/Bass), Liam Stevens (Piano & Arranger) and Joe Dessauer (Drums)

Liam Stevens is an astonishing jazz pianist. His performances are an eye opening opportunity to see a pianist who is so incredibly talented, and someone who has a very, very strong reputation on the jazz scene.  He never disappoints, delivering a very high level of quality, passion and musicianship (and Jazzology!).  We challenge you to only see him play just once!, you will have to see Liam play again and again.  Aydenne Simone says “After 30 years in this business of singing jazz, pianists like Liam are not made, they are born, I love him, he is just incredible!”


Liam Stevens has led his trio expertly for the past two years.  Both Tom Dring (bass) and Joe Dessauer (drums) are also very very talented, and deliver awesome performances. THIS IS A MUST SEE JAZZ TRIO.

CD Design: OneAgency

Recording the album Blue Skies with these guys has just been enormous fun. So much talent and SWING!

Liam Stevens - Piano - All Tracks

Joe Dessauer - Drums - All tracks

Tom Dring  - Bass - 'Witchcraft'

Ashley de Neef - Bass

Liam Stevens
Joe Dessauer
Tom Dring
Ashley de Neef
Aydenne Simone
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